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Teens robbed at gunpoint

Posted: May 14, 2012 - 12:26pm  |  Updated: May 14, 2012 - 12:31pm

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Two Columbia County teens told authorities late Saturday that they were robbed at gunpoint near a Martinez convenience store.

The 17-year-olds said that as they walked to the Circle K gas station on Old Evans Road just after 11 p.m. two men approached them. The robbers pointed a chrome handgun at the teens and demanded their possessions.

When one of the teens said his pockets were empty, the man told him to run away, which he did.

The gun-wielding robber then pointed a gun at the other teen, who handed over his cell phone, $25 in cash and a pack of cigarettes. The robber had the teen show him how to work the phone, then the pair ran away toward Old Petersburg Road.

The teens described their assailants as black men, one wearing a black T-shirt and blue shorts had the gun and the other wore a gray shirt.

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Comments (6)


proper terminology

Was the phrase "give it up" mentioned at any time? This seems to be the key word on the street. A sort of "blanket description" of property. And after giving lessons in phone protocol, did the victim also suggest a place to by drugs and/or alcohol with the $25.


More to come

Martinez- Evans used to be very safe. Magnolia Trace will only continue the influx of this type of crime. I'd be willing to bet the "black men" were college age and unemployed. Thank you commissioners for selling out and not standing tall unless it's financially beneficial to your own wallet! Get out and vote people!



you can chalk this one up again to the proximity to wedgewood. Say what you want, but that's when the crime in that area escalated.



You are exactly right.



While I agree with you both, why would they run to Old Petersburg ?? Too bad the deputy that lives on Old Petersburg, wasn't out and about.



Most people won't run straight home leading cops to their door. Probably cut through shenandoah. I live in Petersburg station and my teens have had problems with older people (21 n) in wedgewood. They ran to that apartment complex either cutting through or had friends living there. Look how many times that circle k has been robbed since wedgewood was built. Probably first year it was ok...but steadily declined to the point of cc narcotics even having people living there to set up stings. It's pathetic!