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Four Greenbrier seniors arrested for prank

Posted: May 14, 2012 - 9:57am  |  Updated: May 14, 2012 - 3:01pm
Four Greenbrier High School seniors were charged with second-degree criminal trespass, a felony, on Friday after tips led to their arrests for gluing shut the doors of the school. Charged are Brooklyn Bella, 17 (clockwise from top left); Dynisha Clemons, 17; Kristen Tannehill, 18; and Elizabeth Metz, 17.  Columbia County Sheriff's Office
Columbia County Sheriff's Office
Four Greenbrier High School seniors were charged with second-degree criminal trespass, a felony, on Friday after tips led to their arrests for gluing shut the doors of the school. Charged are Brooklyn Bella, 17 (clockwise from top left); Dynisha Clemons, 17; Kristen Tannehill, 18; and Elizabeth Metz, 17.

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Four Greenbrier High School students were arrested on Friday for a senior prank.

Columbia County authorities last week arrested Brooklyn Leigh Bella, 17; Elizabeth Sutton Metz, 17; Dynisha Antoinette Clemons, 17; and Kristin Arey Tannehill, 18; with second degree criminal damage to property, a felony, according to a sheriff’s office report.

Three of the seniors allegedly squirted super glue onto 43 exterior locks at the school Thursday evening, causing more than $4,000 in damage, said sheriff’s Capt. Steve Morris in an email.

The fourth girl helped plan the prank, Morris said, but didn’t specify which one.

The vandalism was discovered Friday morning as school opened.

School officials offered a reward and suspended senior privileges until tips provided to deputies uncovered the four charged, Morris said.

All four teens were booked into the Columbia County Detention Center on Friday and released after each posted $2,600 bonds, Morris said.

In addition to their arrests, schools Superintendent Charles Nagle said the girls were suspended for the rest of the school year, which concludes Friday.

However, Nagle said the girls will be allowed back into the school to take their final exams. Any exam exemptions the seniors might have earned with good grades and attendance were lost when they were suspended.

Officials had not yet decided as of Monday if the girls will be allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies on Saturday, said Greenbrier High Principal Chris Segraves.

When six Lakeside High School seniors committed the same prank in June 1993, they too were charged with second degree criminal damage to property, were suspended from school and barred from taking part in graduation ceremonies. Those students also had to pay restitution before receiving their diplomas.

In January 2006, seven Burke County High School students were arrested when they squirted super glue into the locks of 33 doors and two gates, causing about $3,000 in damages, according to a report from The True Citizen.


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I Suggest Seniors Do This

Since these girls were arrested and the mentality of the school system and law enforcement is zero tolerance, I suggest the seniors pull off pranks that don't involve vandalism of any kind. Jokes where everyone but the teachers and principal are involved. "Punk'd" type hoaxes. Everyone laughs more and no one goes to jail.


Not so funny now!

It looks as if the student in the top right corner is trying not to laugh while the mug shot is being taken. I would think that Columbia County tax payers aren't laughing in the face of a $4,000 bill they will have to flip for the damage done.

Yes, in the end restitution will come into play, but if they hadn't been caught the tax payers take the hit.

Real funny to when you can't get into the college you want after graduation or find a job because of a felony. Senior pranks, not worth the time.


arrested for a prank

I love the headline. It says volumes about the approach to school discipline and self discipline. Arrested for criminal trespass, felony damage to property, concealing a felony..... Even the CCNT does not view this a CRIME. That is how we got to this story and the lesson we are teaching young people. Everything is just a mistake. Pointing a loaded gun with the hammer back at a friend's head, just a prank. Even murder. So much for the "touchie-feeliey" seminars and lectures to the "age deprived". Had it not been for Austin, it never happened. Since none of these young women, per CC Tax Records, are "economically deprived", we can conclude that poverty was not the cause of the crime.


GB cheerleaders

Are they GB cheerleaders?

A lady

3 of them think they can do

3 of them think they can do whatever they want --- they certainly have no reason to say they didnt know better--
at least 2 of the parents involved do not believe they did something all that wrong-- at least one of them was partying and posting facebook pictures after being released saying something about being famous-- I think the administration and the superintendent's office should know that when deciding if they should walk at graduation on Saturday. I vote no.



I've been reading something like this happened at Lakeside in 1993, but if I remember correctly it also happened in1998. Remember the cameras were covered with plastic bags and damaged along with roadkill being put in the principal's parking place, locks tampered with, etc. It was handled much more leniently than what I've seen with these girls. The Lakeside kids in 1998 did community service, but they were allowed to walk at graduation. So I recommend Greenbrier allow these girls to walk.


You are correct Riverman BUT...

the total amount of damage done was MUCH less and did not meet the criteria for a felony charge. Therefore, is was handled much more leniently in that case, rightfully so AND the individuals involved confessed. Not so in this case.



There was lots of damage.

Pai, if you remember the cameras were messed up because they were covered with plastic bags, plus some of the locks were ruined. So I'm not sure about that. As I added to my post above, they were allowed to walk at graduation even though they were charged and convicted to do community service.


Pai, I Read Your Link

That's good info, Pai. It appears they were not criminally charged because the principal didn't press charges. The community service was a school thing. You are also correct that the article mentioned the damages were not over $500. It was said to be $385. However, it seems like to me damage to the cameras was noted later. Anyway, you are right from the looks of that article although it appears the damage assessment was pretty lenient especially when you consider the oil and so on. Sheriff Whittle left it up to the principal to press charges and he didn't.

A lady

Riverman-- how would you feel

Riverman-- how would you feel if teenagers came to your house and did over 4000$ damage? Its not excusable-- they shouldnt walk, at the least.


Not charged from what I can tell

Copied from the article:

"The decision to prosecute has been left in the hands of Principal McAnally," Sheriff Whittle said.

While he hopes the students will continue to cooperate with authorities and complete their punishment, Mr. McAnally said he has not ruled out pressing criminal charges.

"If one of the students does not do what they're supposed to do, then obviously you know what's going to happen," he said.

Criminal charges would be misdemeanors, not felonies, Sheriff Whittle said.

Costs for repairs and cleanup are lower than originally estimated and are expected to fall below the $500 threshold required under state law to make an act of vandalism a felony.

"When we totaled everything up, we came up with $385.42," Mr. McAnally said.


Pai, see my above post

You are right. See my response above.


A Lady...

A Lady, with the teenagers I've had running around my house over the years, I've probably had more than $4,000 damage.



No, they should not be able to walk with their class. In addition, they should serve some community service in the school along with their parents. Additionally, they should pay the expenses to fix or replace all the locks.


I think it was a good idea!

I think it was a good idea! Definitely a great prank, it's just too bad really, that the four of them weren't smart enough to keep it to themselves, and not tell anyone. That would've made it that much funnier... if no one was caught. They deserve their punishment for being ignorant enough to share information like that with others. Even to do it with four people is not that bright! You can only trust yourself. There are alot of people out there with loose lips, especially when threatened, or when rewards are offered


Gotta say though, not very

Gotta say though, not very innovative. It was already done in 2006! Gotta give it up for the originals who actually came up with the idea first!