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Man charged with Grovetown rape

Posted: May 10, 2012 - 4:56pm  |  Updated: May 10, 2012 - 4:59pm
Timothy Leighton Cook, 25, of North Augusta  Hand Out
Hand Out
Timothy Leighton Cook, 25, of North Augusta

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A North Augusta man was charged Wednesday with rape following a family gathering in Grovetown last weekend.

Timothy Leighton Cook, 25, of the 700 block of McKenzie Street, is accused of raping a woman who had been “put to bed” at about 10 p.m. Sunday after becoming intoxicated, according to a Grovetown Police Department incident report.

The victim said she was asleep in the master bedroom and felt someone get into bed with her. She said she saw Cook remove her pants and begin to have sex with her. She told police that because she was very intoxicated, she could not move or tell anybody what was happening.

After Cook left the room, she walked to the back porch of the residence and told those outside that she had been raped by Cook.

A man talking to Cook on the back porch before the incident occurred said Cook walked inside the home to use the bathroom and returned five minutes later.

He said the woman came outside a minute later and told them what happened. He noticed she was wearing shorts and not the pants from earlier in the night. He went inside and saw her pants lying on the bed. The man then demanded that Cook leave his home.

At about 11:30 p.m., Cook left in a truck and was later arrested by authorities.

The woman was transferred to Doctors Hospital for a rape kit examination.

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If true, this is filth. The

If true, this is filth. The story as reported does seem odd, however. Alert enough to identify and watch but altogether physically helpless otherwise? I've never been drunk, but that would be DRUNK!


Odd indeed, at least as

Odd indeed, at least as reported. Awake to know what was happening, but unable to move or to talk or shout out. And then 5 minutes later, puts pants on and walks to the porch and tells everyone what happened. Maybe there is more to the story.


I know the victim here, she

I know the victim here, she had not had that much to drink when she passed out. We're pretty sure there was some sort of drug involved. She had the doctors do a blood test when she was taken to the hospital, hopefully the truth will come out.


I also know the victim

Timothy Cook was arrested in 2010 for rapping another woman. He was sentenced to 2 years probation 3 weeks before he raped this victim, now since he violated his probation he is now serving 10years in prison for the first rape. She beleives she was druged, she kepted going in and out of consciousness the whole time, she did have a blood test done and waiting for results. Timothy's wife has also come forward telling the victim and investigator that he also raped her and she knows of atlest 3 other women that he has done this to but they wont come forward. So lets all get the facts straight here so that everyone understands what happened. The victim just got married 3 weeks before the rape. This was the second encounter she had with Timothy. He had just started dating the victims sister.


Sorry, but none of this story

You said that his "wife" came forward and said he raped her as well, but then you said that he started dating the victums sister before the rape? So was he cheating on his "wife"? Also, if she just got married 3 weeks before the rape, where was her husband at when all this was happening, and why didn't he take better care of his wife knowing she was intoxicated, and take her to their home and put her in their bed?

Sorry, but none of this story lines up. I've been intoxicated before and it doesnt just wear off. If she was so intoxicated to where she couldnt move or scream, then how after 5 mins, was she suddenly sober enough to change her clothes and walk down to tell someone she had been raped? I've been around law enforcement all my life, and this story just doesnt make sense. There is a missing piece to this puzzle and it seems like someone is lying. This is a huge she said, he said case. This is how people get wrongfully convicted.



Yes Timothy Cook was cheating on his wife with the victim's sister, they are currently living separately pending a divorce. The party took place at the victim's house, the victim's husband DID put her to bed and made the sane assumption that she would be safe in her own bed. Timothy had given the victim at least one of her drinks before everything happened and has been stated before she had not had enough alcohol to "intoxicate" her as severely as she was, hence the reason there is suspicion of a drug being used on her. As someone who knows the victim as well as Timothy AND his wife it honestly sickens me that you would defend someone like this without knowing the facts. Timothy has been married a total of four times, all of his ex-wives have claimed he sexually assaulted them as well. He just took a plea bargain on another rape case in April, and on this case there WILL be other victims of his coming forward. Per the FBI false rape allegations account for 2-8% of accusations... does it happen? yes... do you think that's what's happening when 6 women independent of each other accuse someone? you're stupid if you do.