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Couple fight over hair in sink

Posted: May 10, 2012 - 12:43pm  |  Updated: May 10, 2012 - 12:55pm
Travis Dent  Columbia County Sheriff's Office
Columbia County Sheriff's Office
Travis Dent

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Authorities arrested a Martinez man Tuesday after he choked and fought with his wife during a fight over hair in the sink.
Travis Dent, 24, of Ridge Crossing, was charged with simple battery, family violence.
Dent’s 22-year-old wife said that at about 2:15 p.m. they got into a fight because he dumped hair in the kitchen sink after she told him not to. She told Dent to leave and opened the door for him, but he pushed her arm.
The woman said she pushed Dent back, but he pushed her to a sofa and choked her. She hit Dent in the face, knocking off his glasses.
Dent went to the bedroom, started packing the woman’s clothes and said she’d be leaving. When his wife began packing his clothes and telling him to leave, Dent allegedly pushed her down, wrapped his arm around her neck and choked her.
The woman said she bit Dent’s arm because she couldn’t breathe. He also tried to put her in handcuffs.
The fight happened in front of their two children.
Dent was released from the Columbia County Detention Center Wednesday after posting an $1,100 bond, according to jailers.

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Don't Mess With a Woman's Sink

It's best not to hang out in the kitchen too much when the woman of the house is there. I never had a problem trying to put hair (ha) down the sink, but I sure learned about grease. A man in the kitchen can be cut-up more than the chopping board. Be very careful in the kitchen.


@Riverman. hey River, what's

@Riverman. hey River, what's up. Haven't seen any postings lately from.you.
A word to future kitchen helpers. Don't put the by products from shucking corn in the sink garbage disposal.


Hey Raul..Shucks Off Corn, I'd Never Do

Raul, I'm banned in Richmond County. Even I have my limits. I'd never put the corn shucks (whatever their real name is) down the garbage disposal. I have a septic tank and you have to baby that thing. It's a living thing even if it is full of it...kind of like me.





Marvelous--not only are they

Marvelous--not only are they fighting like animals, must they do it in front of the kids? Geez


oh my!

i grew up with travis..we went to school together for years! we were playmates in elementary school. he never once showed any kind of aggression towards people, he was the sweet and laid back kid. i never thought he would do something like this. he just didn't seem like that type of guy. i actually ran into him at work..i had no idea he was a guard at my job until he came into my department. he was still the happy, smiling "child" i knew back then. the b**** shouldn't be so dang selfish about the freakin' sink! my god, its hair! my hair goes down the drains all the time! there is a liquid called liquid fire that she could have bought from a feed store and poured down the sink and it would have dissolved the hair in a matter of like 5 minutes or less. telling someone to get out and then pushing them around over something this stupid calls for an a-whooping! his wife is just as much at fault for her actions as he is. honestly, she started the mess, she should be the one serving. he wouldn't have killed her, just would have left a few marks and scared the s*** out of her. either she was wanting to divorce him or she was cheating on him and didn't want him to find out about the other guy. who knows but this is a bunch of bull! hes easy to get along with, just watch how you handle situations like this..this could have been someone else too. i pour grease, hair, food, etc down my drains..so what if he did pour hair down the drain, like i said, its a quick and easy fix!

Tiffany Hall