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Couple fights deputy at Walmart

Posted: May 7, 2012 - 12:07pm

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An Augusta couple went to jail Friday after fighting with a Columbia County sheriff’s deputy at the Evans Walmart.
Matthew Ray Hernandez, 23, and Monica Raquel Hernandez, 24, both of McDowell Street, were charged with willful obstruction of law enforcement.
A manager of the Walmart called authorities at about 5 p.m. to say the pair were acting belligerent, yelling and cursing in front of customers. The deputy warned them to stop, but they continued to argue, so the manager wanted them to leave.
As the deputy escorted Matthew Hernandez out of the store, he continued cursing and ran back inside. The deputy again followed him out, telling him to go to the patrol car to be arrested.
When the deputy put his hand on Matthew Hernandez’s back to escort him, he jerked away and the deputy pushed him into a wall. As the deputy tried to get him on the ground to put on handcuffs, Monica Hernandez grabbed the deputy.
The deputy held Matthew Hernandez down by the back of his neck while trying to push Monica Hernandez away. Monica Hernandez finally backed away when the deputy pulled out and threatened her with mace. The deputy handcuffed Matthew Hernandez and a second deputy arrived and arrested Monica Hernandez.
The deputy received a small cut on his lower lip.
Matthew Hernandez, who also faces a probation violation charge, was being held in the Columbia County Detention Center Monday without bond. Monica Hernandez was released Saturday after posting a $5,100 bond, according to jailers.

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Comments (13)

Sweet son

Reporter Questions?

Why make it an Augusta story when it happened in Columbia and which Walmart?


Sweet son

It was not in Columbia, it was Columbia County in Evans, GA. and it plainly states, the Evans WalMart.


Sweet son

@TW who is right!

I misread and it does say Evans Walmart. The point I was actually trying to make that the Columbia County story had to be tied back to Augusta in an effort to make it seem that criminals come over the County line to do their deeds. It was just a little poke. Kinda like Augusta and South Augusta. Smile and have a great day!!!!!

Barry Paschal

None of the above

"Sweet son": Stories generally include the address of persons charged with crimes. If the couple had been from Martinez, or Appling, or Peoria, that name would have appeared in the story in place of Augusta.

Sweet son

Thanks Barry!

Touched a nerve and didn't mean to. I told TW it was poking a little fun!

Barry Paschal

No nerve touched

I was just making sure to clarify why the location is included.

Sweet son

Barry: Good Now?

I am! I understood from the beginning! Good job to you and the CCNT!


That's Scary

When people are acting that crazy and attack the deputy, the confrontation can turn into something horrific. What if that woman had gotten his gun or something?

Sweet son

Hey Riverman!

You are right on the money! Deputies know that when in domestic violence situations that it looks like someone is going to jail that both parties turn on him/her then. That's why Sheriff Whittle and other law enforcement agencies always send two deputies to these situations. Good insight!


I could have used some of that

WOW! Yesterday was a very stressful day at the office; I wish I had gone by Walmart on my way home, I would have happily assisted the deputy when Ms. Hernandez started attacking him; I think I could have taken her, I carry mace in my purse and I wouldn't have given her a warning...


broad strokes

not two deputies on Saturday night past. potential bodily injury. twenty minutes. it depends on who is disturbing who and where.


walmart disoriented

They probably were disoriented from after hours of searching and then finding the Tylenol on the aisle between the napkins and toothpicks. no joke. Walmart knows how to save money. LOL


Put Them in the Same Cell

Put them in the same cell, but that would be cruel and unusual punishment. But seriously, Sweet Son, that's a dangerous deal for law enforcment. She could have gotten his gun when he was distracted with her husband and if they are THAT crazy, who knows...Don't even want to type it.