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Lakeside fight results in student arrest

Posted: May 4, 2012 - 11:38am  |  Updated: May 4, 2012 - 11:40am
Dewone Lewis, 19, was arrested Thursday after attacking a classmate at Lakeside High.  Columbia County Sheriff's Office
Columbia County Sheriff's Office
Dewone Lewis, 19, was arrested Thursday after attacking a classmate at Lakeside High.

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A fight at Lakeside High School Thursday resulted in the arrest of a student.

Columbia County authorities charged Dewoyne Lyn Oliver Lewis, 19, of the 400 block of Old Evans Road in Evans, with simple battery.

As a classmate walked away from Lewis following a “heated argument” and some alleged shoving in a hallway at about 3 p.m., Lewis “ran up behind him and punched him in the face,” according to a sheriff’s office report.

Following the punch, the victim told deputies that he fell to ground and doesn’t remember what came after.

Footage caught from a surveillance camera in the hallway showed that Lewis then got on top of the 17-year-old boy and kept hitting him.

Lewis was released Friday from the Columbia County Detention Center on a $1,600 bond.

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Just My Opinion

"...ran up behind him".....

..that's called a "sucker punch" because the victim didn't have a chance to defend himself because he didn't know the guy was coming at him. Of course we don't know what percipitated this attack, but there's hardly a good reason for this. Lakeside is having a hard time catching a break lately. On one hand, you have a wonderful write-up about the young lady from Lakeside winning an award, then you have this story about this dude! We have to remember that it happens all over.



What grade is this ADULT in??? After age 18 there should be some kind of special test to get this adults out of the public school system. This person should be out working a job not sitting in a classroom with teenagers.


Fights Have Been Happening in High Schools Forever

I wouldn't make too much out of this. But the standard back when I went to school is if someone got knocked down, the fight was over.


Times have changed, Riverman 1

I'm 50 myself, and almost every fight I was in ended up on the ground. It only makes sense to finish someone off if you knock them down - it's a fight, not a boxing match or a John Wayne film. That said, sucker punching someone is a kitty-cat cowardly move to say the least. Sadly, that's the way a lot of people act these days. BTW don't be surprised if Mr. Lewis' family doesn't see it that way, and will likely think he's being singled out for punishment though he clearly attacked first. Just sayin'



So the victim is trying to do

So the victim is trying to do the right thing...walk away; he gets sucker punched by an ADULT & you people are worried about what "Mr Lewis" family will think? Who cares what they think, I'm with Scooby--he should be out there earning his way!


"adults" in High School

There are plenty of adults (over 18 years old) in every High School. Kids get held back, or depending on their birth-month end up being 18 at graduation even if they aren't held back.
That said, he is still legally an adult, and thus he can (and should) be charged as an adult. BTW they have security cameras all over the place in Columbia County schools - this should be cut-and-dried case of finding out who started it and to what degree physical force was used.



He'll be attending the

He'll be attending the Columbia College of Corrections in the Fall on a Sheriff's Department scholarship. This covers all meals and accommodation.


College Of Corrections?

Good for him! Did he win an essay writing contest to get this scholarship? They don't just give them out like candy, you know!




im not trying to say what he did was alright, but i was actually there and he didnt just run up from behind him and sucker punch him... he turned the kid around and the kid had his guard up, he just got the snot knocked out of him. and in the article it says that he "attacks another student". if you look at the mugshot you can see that his eye is swolen. usually if someone is atttacked they dont even hurt the attacker. think about it.



To Robertpoophead.. your user name says it all.. I saw the video and YES the victim WAS sucker punched. Anytime someone has their back turned and is hit, that is defined as a sucker punch and the offender is a coward. Not to mention this guy is twice the size of the victim. So, the victim was knocked unconscious after being hit from behind, never got in one punch, and is considerably smaller in size. Explain to me how this was a fair fight?! Let me guess, you are probably about 15 or 16 years old and this was just entertainment for you. Maybe one day you will be the victim and this won't seem as amusing, although for your sake, I hope not.

To everyone else.. as for this coward, he was not expelled or suspended from school. His punishment was in school suspension. My question, what happened to the zero tolerance rule? Why do we care that he is a senior and ruined his senior year two weeks away from graduation? Why should he be allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies? Isn't this why we have an alternative school? I am appalled and cannot believe he was allowed to come back to LHS and taunt this poor victim. He should have been expelled and sent to Crossroads to repeat his senior year if necessary. The administration should be ashamed of themselves and our community should think about this as if it the victim was their own child. Who is truly watching out for our children?



@indigrl Fred is like 5"6and he other kid is a good 6"2 so saying he was smaller was a very inaccurate statement. And the guy that got "sucker punched" told Fred he was probably never going to graduate, so if you think it's irrational to fight after that than you're the coward.


Get a clue!!

@ poophead!! Fred grossly outweighs the victim so don't let the height fool you. Also, if we hit everyone that hurt our feelings with words then we'd all have black eyes and more enemies than friends. The point is that this victim was sucker punched and Fred continued to hit him after he was unconscious. Sounds like you have some serious growing up to do.