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Pit bull bites mother and son in Appling

Posted: April 20, 2012 - 11:39am  |  Updated: April 20, 2012 - 10:17pm

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An Appling woman was issued two county ordinance citations Thursday when her pit bull bit a mother and son.

A 28-year-old mother was asked Thursday evening by her son to walk him to a friend’s house because he was afraid of a dog that had previously ran at him near a residence on Jacqueline Drive in Appling.

As they returned home from the friend’s house, a black and white pit bull ran toward them, snapping and barking at the pair.

The mother tried throwing rocks at the dog to scare it away, but it chased after them.

The woman said the dog bit her right arm before running after her son and biting his right leg. The woman’s husband then chased it away.

Later that night, the mother identified the dog after it was picked up by Columbia County Animal Services.

An investigation showed that the pit bull belonged to Wendy Dunagan Whitaker of the 6600 block of Cobbham Road.

Whitaker, 32, first said her dog was inside the house all day, but later admitted it got loose. She said she tried to call the dog back after hearing the commotion. She was issued two citations and told her canine must be quarantined for 10 days at home pending verification of its immunization status.

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These people should be more responsible! Keep their animals away from people if they are mean like this one.

Concerned Mom

Austin Rhodes

I have been told...

I have been told the lady was removed from the sex offenders list, alas, she is not there.


And your point is?

What earthly relevance does that last paragraph have on the story? Are you a commentator or a reporter? Save opinion for the OPED page.


Is She or Isn't She

Since it's now part of the story and Austin says she's not, what's the truth? If I were the reporter I'd have never brought that up unless I was absolutely sure, so I assume she was.

Austin Rhodes

There is a point in mentioning her past record...

This woman is a rather notorious figure. Google her picture...that should bring it back. Completely natural to mention her past...case law was debated over her status on the registry. No problem at all with connecting the dots...but the update is that she has been removed.


Wendy Whitaker

Now that you you mention it Austin, I do remember her being on the list. What is so notorious about her? Just read the story. I remember it now. Pretty stupid.

Austin Rhodes


Let's just say if you saw her picture, you would get my meaning.

She has had several episodes with law enforcement even AFTER the sex offense arrest.


The dog needs to be

The dog needs to be quarantined at the pound and the owner pay the boarding fee.


Any dog bite....

I was recently attacked by an unleashed dog in Columbia County. Since I was able to fight back by kicking the teeth out the large boxer and the dog did not get a bite in, I was told by animal control that nothing could be done other than a warning to the owner. The owner admitted the dog was vicious and should not have been out to the police. Three witnesses all corroborated that I was being attacked. Now, its only a matter of time before someone gets bitten...possibly a child. My wish is that ANY dog that bites someone should be put down....immediately. There is NO reason to own a dog that will harm others. If somehow this dog having up-to-date shots makes this attack on the mother and child 'better' is ridiculous. The dog still has teeth, and can still cause serious harm. (Although the dog that attacked me has about 5 less teeth than before the incident. :-) ) There is a leash law in order too. I have learned that if a dog is loose in the street and someone shoots it in front of the dog's owner, there is nothing the owner can do about it. Its just like the dog being loose and getting ran over by a car. I guess we should all pack heat when we go for a walk. (eyes rolling)


Wendy Whitaker

if you google her name, you'll find what her sex offense charges were. Given the nature of her crime, I can see why she was removed from the list. From what I read, she was a teenager who made a dumb choice...the same choice that plenty of teenagers make who just happen to not get caught.