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Garlic Clove will move to larger location

Posted: March 8, 2012 - 8:29am  |  Updated: March 9, 2012 - 10:52am
Garlic Clove Italian Eatery in Evans is moving less than a mile away to a larger space at 4534 Washington Road, according to owner Jeff Freehof.  Jim Blaylock
Jim Blaylock
Garlic Clove Italian Eatery in Evans is moving less than a mile away to a larger space at 4534 Washington Road, according to owner Jeff Freehof.

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Garlic Clove Italian Eatery in Evans is moving less than a mile away to a larger space at 4534 Washington Road, according to owner Jeff Freehof.

The space in the Eagle Pointe shopping center was formerly occupied by Mi Rancho, which recently moved to a new location in Riverwood Plantation.

Freehof said the new building offers a bar area and two private meeting rooms, something the 4461 Washington Road location did not have.

Freehof said the restaurant has become so busy on weekends that customers have had to wait for a table, and when the new location became available it seemed like the perfect fit.

The restaurant is being renovated, and Freehof expects to move in before Masters Week.

This will be the second move for Garlic Clove. The restaurant's original location was less than a mile east in the Evans Town Center near Publix. That space is now occupied by the New China restaurant.

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Great News

Not just a great place to eat but a great supporter of the community!


Is it good?

I'm from Jersey. Anyone from up north try this joint? Is it worth trying? Hard to find good Italian in the south.



I guess you'll have to go back to Jersey. Bye.

Barry Paschal

Garlic Clove is very good, TrueVoice

Welcome South, TrueVoice. Give Garlic Clove a try. Chef Jeff is very good. (And he moved here from Rhode Island, by the way.)


good food

The food at Garlic Clove is excellent.I am going back there soon. Two other Italian places are good too. One is on Broad Street and the other is on Washington Road not far from Augusta National and I-20.

Barry Paschal

There's more!

The restaurant on Broad is Luigi's, an Augusta institution. Great place. The one on Washington Road is Olive Garden, but that's a chain. Another institution is Villa Europa, on Deans Bridge Road just north of Bobby Jones Expressway. They also have German food, and they're very good. Also here in Columbia County is Amici's, which is on Jimmie Dyess Parkway just south of I-20, next to the hotels. And in Grovetown, on Wrightsboro Road just off Lewiston Road, there's a great little place called Armando's (which has a second location in downtown Harlem). Enjoy, and let me know what you think.



Do comments get deleted if they are not 100% positive? Mine disappeared ...let's try another one...Luigi's is definitely an Augusta institution. It is a shame that it so badly neglected. We dined there last year and found the food to be spoiled and inedible. If you watch ALL their health department inspections you will see that this is a recurring problem. Would love to see it brought back to it's previous glory.

Just My Opinion

Well, gee Barry...

..nice of you to give the Jersey guy a run down on the many good Italian eateries we have here in the area, but it's not exactly doing the Garlic Clove good by bringing up their competition! LOL! But, after all, this article is a "news" article and NOT an advertisement, so I guess it's understandable. My wife and I just LOVE Villa Europa! Great food and great service everytime we've been. Have to sadly agree with the comment on Luigi's....good memories there, but the last couple of times we've been, the food and service have not been up to par, not even close. So we haven't been there in a couple of years. Just went to Olive Garden last night and it was very good...chain or no chain. Haven't tried Garlic Clove in a couple of years either, for different reasons. Maybe we'll give it another try.


By far not the best!

The best Italian food in Columbia Co. and all of Augusta
is @ Robolli's Italian Bar & Grill on Fury's Ferry Rd Bi-Lo
shopping center. They have the best pizza, Italian dishes, Strombolli's, and great beer specials.
I eat there at least once a week and it has great atmosphere.
Nothing else compares and their health dept scores are always
98 and above.
Go try them!!! You won't be dissappointed!

Barry Paschal

Thanks, Battleball

I'd forgotten Robolli's. I think they recently went under new ownership, but aren't supposed to be changing anything. They have the best Chicago-style pizza in town, I know that.


Same owners

Hi Barry,
Just to give you an update, Robolli's is still owned and operated by the original owners. Nothing has changed.
Still, (in my opinion) the best and only place for Italian food!!

Barry Paschal

Thanks, Battleball

I guess I must have misunderstood; in a recent County Commission meeting, there was something about their alcohol license switching to a new owner. Maybe that was just an in-house change. Thanks for the info.



We tried the Garlic Clove once and weren't impressed. We find Giuseppe's on Wheeler Road to be some of the best Italian in the area - not quite Little Italy in Baltimore good, but still good. Maybe our experience with the Garlic Clove was an anomaly. We'll probably try it again since they're moving a mile or two closer to us. It would be nice to have a good, close Italian choice.

Barry Paschal

Argh! I forgot Giuseppe's!

Thanks, Howard. I can't believe I forgot Giuseppe's in the list - it was my mother's favorite. Wonderful restaurant.


good news!

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