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Pupil arrested for school bomb threat

Posted: March 8, 2012 - 4:23pm  |  Updated: March 12, 2012 - 1:40pm

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Columbia County authorities arrested a 12-year-old girl Friday for writing a bomb threat in a Columbia Middle School bathroom stall.

The girl was charged with making terroristic threats or acts and disrupting a public school, both felonies, Columbia County sheriff's Capt. Steve Morris said.

At a detention hearing Friday afternoon, Columbia County Juvenile Court Judge Doug Flanagan ordered the girl to be booked into the Columbia County Detention Center, then released to her parents. She's not allowed to attend any Columbia County school until a school system tribunal hearing.

The note was found on the wall of a girls’ bathroom stall by school officials at about 2:30 p.m. Thursday. The note insinuated its author was “going to blow up the school,” Morris said.

It was written in pencil in small handwriting, Columbia Middle Principal Steven Cummings said Thursday.

"During our investigation, we received a tip," Morris said of how investigators identified the girl. Video surveillance footage also helped, he said.

Cummings said Thursday that the pupil would be immediately suspended and then face expulsion before the school system hearing officer.

This latest event is similar to what happened last week at Evans High School.

Two notes threatening violence were found in bathroom stalls at Evans High on March 1. One of the notes was written by someone threatening personal harm. The second note, found in a girls’ bathroom, alluded to a shooting at the school on March 2.

The school was placed on lockdown and deputies searched pupils as they entered.

Authors of the threatening notes can be charged with terroristic threats and acts as well as disrupting a public school, Morris has said.

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12-year old

The kid made a mistake.give her some community work to do at school.But don't mess up her life because of bad judgement.Give her a break

Craig Spinks


Just how many "breaks" would you give her? One? Well, she probably already had that one before she wrote the threatening message. Judge Flanagan doesn't go around having kids booked into the CCDC without very good cause.

Dr. Craig Spinks/ Georgians for Educational Excellence

Little Lamb


I wish an editor over at the NewsTimes would take a look at how this article is rendered (maybe it's just my browser). But look at all the white space between paragraphs; it makes the story difficult to read.

Also, some of the one-sentence paragraphs could be combined for better readability. For example, the "During our investigation" and "Video surveillance footage" sentences could be cast into one paragraph.

Also, the "It was written in pencil" sentence could be combined with the preceding paragraph.

Barry Paschal


Thanks for the input, Little Lamb. I tried to fix some of that, but I suspect there's a formatting issue that I can't do any more to fix.


It is a known fact that these

It is a known fact that these kids are doing this to get out of the school for a while. The writings are very small and it can not be proven beyond a shout of a doubt that the student that gets caught actually done it, they scare the kids when they get them in the office, the cops come and put handcuffs on them and terrorizes them into admitting they did it, there are no cameras in the bathroom, they go by the camera that shows how many go in the bathroom around the time it was found, could have been there a while. They then transport these children in a police car to the jailhouse. Most of the parents are facing huge legal fee's to fight the mighty BOE and the police department for their irresponsible involvement, most people have to just "accept" it or get a second mortgage on their house to fight for their child. This process is daunting and the odds are stacked against you, if you had the money and found a lawyer that was not terrible at what he does I feel a civil action suit could be brought against the school for defamation to character, embarrassing the child and family and bringing a very difficult ordeal upon the parents, because they are the ones punished most. How do I know this? Because last year my daughter was with 5 other girls in the bathroom at this very school, they were not together but because my daughter was in there, she was arrested, 13 years old, arrested, put in cuffs, transported in the back of a police car, our JOKE lawyer charged us $3000.00 to so called defend her in from of this very same judge, even though the guilty girl confessed and admitted she did it, my daughter still lost her school privilege, attended alternative school, did community service and we had to pay all the fines, in fact your Judge that would not book someone into the jail unless he had good reason found all 5 girls guilty and they all got about the same thing, this same sort of thing has been going on since, if there is a decent lawyer out there that can help me sue the school and police department I would be in debt to you, this has gotten ridiculous and way out of hand, the school and grovetown pd are out of control and as far as the judge.. well you draw your own conclusions, I have no faith what so ever in him. It is all about money, who you know and if you are hard working middle class you will get snuffed out by the school and police. Because fighting them cost a lot of money, by the way, if my daughter was to plead not guilty it was going to cost $6000.00 just to start the fight. So guess what? We had no choice but to plead guilty. Hope you NEVER have to deal with this because I tell you it is overwhelming. My daughter is an A and B student and before that never had issues, and a year later still no issues, wrong place , wrong time and me and my wife were the ones punished. You will be powerless , guilty or not, the school WILL do whatever they want to the kids, this does not keep it from happening, in fact it has happened many times since with a lot of kids. It does not get reported often because the way it is handled can not be legal. With little to no real evidence you will be fighting a serious financial battle. There were 2 girls that did not even have a lawyer, if you get in this situation I advise going out of town and maybe you can make a difference, our lawyer was a hack and bragged that him and the judge do dinner together and so on and so on. In the end he was useless, he did not care about my daughters innocence at all.
*Some of this story has been altered to protect my daughter from retaliation* And don't tell me that does not happen!