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Discipline hearing held for 'Charlie Rape Gang' members

Posted: March 7, 2012 - 3:50pm  |  Updated: March 9, 2012 - 10:14am

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The five boys who called themselves the “Charlie Rape Gang” didn’t receive significant additional punishment when they appeared Wednesday at a Columbia County school disciplinary hearing, but still face charges in juvenile court.

The Lakeside Middle School students were accused in February of surrounding other students and simulating sex acts while fully clothed. All five were suspended for the remainder of the week, which kept them out of school over the Presidents Day holiday weekend, and referred to the school system’s hearing officer.

During their disciplinary hearings Wednesday morning, hearing officer John Padgett upheld the recommendation from Juvenile Court Judge Douglas Flanagan that two of the boys with histories of school discipline problems be expelled, said Columbia County School Superintendent Charles Nagle.

“We honored Judge Flanagan’s recommendation to suspend them the remainder of this school year and the first semester of next year,” Nagle said. “They were given the option of going to the county alternative school.”

The other three boys did not have histories of school disciplinary problems, Nagle said, and were given additional days of in-school suspension, though he did not immediately know how many.

Each of the five boys still face a charge of simple battery in juvenile court. A court official said Wednesday that a date for their hearing has not yet been set.

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Craig Spinks


to Judge Flanagan, Mr. Nagle and Mr. Padgett for taking a stand to protect our kids, particularly our daughters, from such outrageous misbehavior.

Dr. Craig Spinks/ Georgians for Educational Excellence

Little Lamb


Somehow, it just doesn't sound like being "expelled" when you are going to the taxpayer-funded alternative school. It sounds more like a transfer to me.


Charlie Rape Gang???? (This post is on all CRG articles)

What some of these persecutors fail to understand is that these are CHILDREN. At no point does the board or Juvenile Court say that they have explained to these young minds the severity of what they were doing, or how it is deemed socially unnacceptable.

A 30min hearing, irrate biased parents, and ill-representation on the students part does not constitute these kids on being guilty for anything less than, making "Juvenile decisions."(Similar to popping bra straps, or "Nut-checking")
"Marking" these students for the rest of their life, and subjecting them to this "Harassment" is far worse than anything they have done. You adults need to talk about ways to help these kids, not persecute them. All of these students deserve a second chance at life.