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Teen punches door because mother broke bong

Posted: February 1, 2012 - 1:30pm

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An Evans woman said her teenage son punched a door after she hid his bong.

The 53-year-old woman said Monday night that she found a bong in her car. The woman said she hid it, but told her two sons that she broke it and threw it away.

The 18-year-old got mad and punched two holes in his mother’s bedroom door.

He told deputies that he and his brother purchased the bong a few days before and hadn’t used it yet. The teen said he got angry and hit the door because his mother broke the bong.

The teen, who is currently seeing a counselor for anger issues, apologized to his mother and agreed to replace the door.

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Craig Spinks

Where's the bonging puncher's dad?

Where's the bonging puncher's dad?

Secondly, who's his counselor?

Thirdly, what happens to the punching bonger if he doesn't replace the door?

And, finally, where's his dad?

Dr. Craig Spinks/ Georgians for Educational Excellence


Questions remain

Where's the alledged bong?


If that were my kid, I'd say

If that were my kid, I'd say "No problem", I'd go to the store, and buy him a suitcase and say, "Adios, come back when you're done with the pot and want to act like a decent person."


Seems as if someone needs a

Seems as if someone needs a time out!

Frank I

A lot of good that did...

To add one more question to your list Craig, who do we really think is going to pay for the replacement of the door?


Another stoner........

His mother "hid" the bong? Sounds like it's the kid who calls the shots in that house. The bong should have been trashed but it wasn't because the mom knew the kid would blow a fuse.

Baby boomers have turned out to be absolutely lousy parents.

Little Lamb


The article says the young man is being counseled for anger issues. But I thought pot was supposed to mellow one out.


Sounds like she should have

Sounds like she should have "hid" the bong in the hands of a CCSO deputy along with her son.



"baby boomers have turned out to be lousy parents"? That's a stupid thing to say. You've got parents ranging from great to terrible in every generation. We used to be exposed to limited media. Local newspaper and news on tv, both stations. Now we find anything and everything we decide to learn about on the Internet. Makes for a lot more "news". That was a very simpleminded thing to say.