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New planning commissioner introduced at meeting

Posted: January 19, 2012 - 7:26pm  |  Updated: January 22, 2012 - 5:13am

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The Columbia County Planning Commission welcomed a new member to its board Thursday.

Planning Commission Chairwoman Jean Garniewicz introduced Martinez accountant Darryl James to represent District 4 at the start of their bi-monthly meeting.

James replaces Harlem resident Bob Newkirk, who served on the board for three years after being appointed in 2009 by former county Commissioner Scott Dean.

“We’re looking forward to an interesting year,” said Garniewicz, ending the meeting.

James was selected by county Commissioner Bill Morris to serve the district.

“When he told me the requirements and the things that we would be doing here in the county, I just had an interest to be of public service,” James said.

James, a lifelong resident of the county, said he plans to sit back on the board for a few months to learn how planning and zoning issues are handled.

James’ practice, Darryl A. James CPA, has been in business in the county since 1993.

“We’re pleased,” Garniewicz said of the board’s newest member. “We’re happy.”

During the meeting, planning commissioners approved final plats for Morning Falls, a 26-lot, 10-acre subdivision off Evans-to-Locks Road in addition to the seventh section of Middleton at Riverwood, consisting of nine lots on 2.5 acres.

A preliminary plat for two subdivisions, made up of 43 lots on 26 acres inside Riverwood Plantation, also was approved.

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Newkirk need to be replaced

Newkirk need to be replaced when Dean was replaced.

Sweet son

Magnolia Trace

Maybe the new guy will help stop new developments like Magnolia Trace.

Right on

The only one who change the

The only one who change the laws and regulations for developments like Magnolia Trace is the Federal Govt'. Talk to your Senators and Representatives. Federal Law will always trump anything locally.


Dumb Question

Why are developments with such small lots being approved? What was that 3 acre rule for new houses that used to be in effect? Do I have that right? Wasn't there a 3 acre minimum previously?

Barry Paschal

It all depends on the zoning

R-3 zoning, which Magnolia Trace has had since 1979, allows the smallest lot sizes with detached homes. The only higher density would be with attached homes, TR (townhome residential) or AR (apartment residential).

What you're thinking of are rural lots with septic tanks, with a minimum lot size of one acre. The county requires higher acreage for mobile homes; I don't remember the exact number.