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Gold Cross adding new ambulances to Columbia, Richmond County fleets

Posted: November 29, 2011 - 8:43am
Gold Cross Emergency Medical Service CEO Vince Brogdon points out some of the new features in one of the ambulances being added to the service's fleet.  Kyle Martin
Kyle Martin
Gold Cross Emergency Medical Service CEO Vince Brogdon points out some of the new features in one of the ambulances being added to the service's fleet.

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Seven new Gold Cross ambulances will roll out onto the streets of Columbia and Richmond counties in about two weeks.

The 2012 models come equipped with high-tech equipment, including the wireless transmission of a patient’s status on an EKG monitor from the ambulance to the emergency room. Bluetooth capability also allows medics to remotely transmit completed paperwork to the hospital.

“We’re excited about it,” said Vince Brogdon, the chief executive officer of Gold Cross Emergency Medical Service.

The company replaces about 25 percent of its front-line fleet every year. These ambulances cost about $125,000 each, but represent closer to a $200,000 investment after they’ve been outfitted with hydraulic stretchers, radios, medicine and other equipment, Brogdon said.

The new ambulances at Gold Cross headquarters on Wheeler Road in Martinez still lack the equipment and a state inspection but should be ready in about two weeks. Three ambulances will be added to Columbia County's fleet, four to Richmond County.

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gold cross

They surely should be able to the way they rip the public off. Taking two people to the Hospital in the same trip with a price tag of only $2,000 for the both.They all need to be investigated and charged for robbery.

kenu lorsen

This is a great news, new

This is a great news, new ambulances means that the emergencies will be treated much faster and the people who use these services will get a better medical assistance. Of course, someone can resort to private clinics, like the Banner Core Center, for instance, if he has to do an orthopedic surgery, but in these cases, the ambulances aren't needed.

Paul Ricca

The availability of ambulances

The availability of ambulances is extremely important for any community, so one should appreciate the move which has been taken here. However, now there are companies around which offer non emergency ambulance transportation Houston TX and in other areas as well.

Andrew Cowan

Having access to a new fleet

Having access to a new fleet of ambulances would help the community get a faster access to the healthcare services. Now most healthcare facilities and renowned physicians like Dr. Greg Ganske could be accessed online in a jiffy.

Andrew Cowan

They have done the right

They have done the right thing by increasing the number of ambulances here. However, the ambulances should be fully equipped to handle any kind of emergency situation on road and it should also have a small lab where allergy testing and other such services should be offered.



It is always good to have sources for immediate medication in such fields where a lot of risk exists. It would save the life of many people and also be an assurance to their family members too. Who knows what might happen out there.

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Paul Ricca

A fleet of new ambulances

A fleet of new ambulances will certainly help them offer a faster and more efficient healthcare service to the patients. However, now one can approach a healthcare clinic in a jiffy online. For instance, if you need a healthcare facility that offers pain management solutions then you should approach

Robert Harris

It is a very good decision to

It is a very good decision to add new ambulances here because it would help them be better prepared for medical emergencies. However, now most doctors could be approached online, for example, if you need a herbal medicine expert then you can find him at


This is wonderful news. These

This is wonderful news. These ambulances will save so many lives in our community, they are much needed. Also the place lacks a clinic for pain management, something in the form of Pinellas County pain management clinic. You can't find this kind of service everywhere.

Andrew Cowan

In other communities too,

In other communities too, there should be more such facilities available to people. Now there are plenty of good healthcare facilities available and most of these could be accessed online. If you need a clinic that offers bariatric surgery in St. Petersburg FL, you can find that online in a jiffy.


Gold Cross has been doing a

Gold Cross has been doing a great job across Columbia. I think the number of ambulances will be increased in the future with more services. Thank you very much for sharing this post here! Keep updating!

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