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Controversial book added back to library shelves

Initially removed following a patron complaint, a novel with graphic language is back

Posted: November 22, 2011 - 1:06pm
Adam Mansbach's Go the F**K to Sleep returned  to the Columbia County Library today after a patron complained two weeks ago of profanity.  Special
Adam Mansbach's Go the F**K to Sleep returned to the Columbia County Library today after a patron complained two weeks ago of profanity.

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A controversial book returned to the Columbia County Library shelves today after it was removed this month for having a suggestive title and text laced with profanity.
Adam Mansbach’s Go the F**k to Sleep, a New York Times best seller, was taken out of circulation nearly two weeks ago following a patron’s complaint about curse words found throughout the book, said county Library Director Mary Lin Maner.
The adult satire, which puts a twist on the traditional bedtime story, was filed downstairs in the new book section, located in a back corner.
A moon on the front cover blocks out the two middle letters of the curse word. Inside, the book is filled with color illustrations.
“It was in the adult section, and the child was wandering around the adult section with no supervision,” Maner said.
After receiving the complaint, Maner said she followed the library’s protocol and notified the East Central Georgia Regional Library Director.
The regional board then formed a committee that decided this morning the work could remain in the library.
The book, Maner said, has been quite popular since it was added to the library’s assortment of literature.
“It came out in August and has been checked out ever since we got it,” said Maner, adding that Mansbach’s book had great reviews.
When choosing what new literary works to put in the library, Maner said a team of employees, all of whom have library science degrees, read the book, browse reviews and check The New York Times best-seller list.
“As a library, we can’t censor,” she said. “If we censored, we wouldn’t have anything on our shelves.”
Since taking over as library director in July 2009, Maner said this is the first time a patron has asked to remove a book.

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Interesting Comment

I agree the book should have been left on the shelf, but I wonder what Ms. Linder means by saying they can't censor? There's obviously a line they don't cross when it leans toward pornographic material so I find her remark puzzling.

Craig Spinks

This book

Hopefully, the library folks won't put this book on display where our kids can see the cover.

And, whereas I do agree with the librarian that this book is satirical, "common" would have been a better word-choice than "adult" in describing its satirical type.

P.S. Boy, Mamie Craig could surely spit out the
word "common" to her hard-headed grandson when he
used impolite language.

Dr. Craig Spinks/ Georgians for Educational Excellence


there is nothing adult about

there is nothing adult about a trashy book



Richmond County: murders, racism, political upheaval. Columbia County: questionable library book.
Love it!



This is a very funny book!! If you don't like it, just don't read it. No censorship.