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Reclassification changes the sports landscape for Columbia County schools

Posted: November 21, 2011 - 5:40pm

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The Georgia High School Association approved Monday a new six-classification plan that will go into effect for the 2012-13 school year.

The plan rolls out six classifications, as opposed to the five currently offered. Reclassification is completed every two years.

Evans, Greenbrier and Lakeside, now members of Class 4-A, will be placed in 5-A. They will be in the same region along with Grovetown, which moves up from 3-A.

Meanwhile, Harlem has been slotted in Class 2-A. At 571 students, Harlem previously was small enough to compete in 2-A, but has played in 3-A to ease the burden of travel.

Greenbrier High School Athletic Director Garrett Black represents the county as a member of the GHSA’s Executive Committee.

Black said that he’s excited to remain in the same region with county rivals Evans and Lakeside and to gain another in Grovetown.

Though Grovetown has consistently played against the other three, those contests will now actually count toward region standings.

“There’s something different when you play a county school,” Black said. “It’s just a lot of fun.”

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Evans v. Lakeside

As long as no one ever tries to mess with the Evans v. Lakeside, Columbia County supreme, rivalry. For decades we have sat in the stands for various sports watching these two schools leave it all on the field or court.

I know I cried when Lakeside lost their 6-2 lead late in the baseball game to Evans for the region championship. I'm sure there have been lots of tears in the stands for both sides in those rivalry games.


Academic Landscape Changing Too

It is not just the sports landscape that is changing...the academic landscape is changing too! I'm just glad that the last of my kids will be out of there...as
the school system continues to lower standards to accomodate the lowest of the lowest.