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USB powered - no extra power supply needed. Swift Mixing, Solid Controls. 2 Mixing decks. 3-Level equalization per deck for producing big sound. 2 jog wheels to navigate tracks. 1 Cross fader and 2 volume faders. This new DJing controller succeeds the DJ Control MP3 by Hercules (Edition 1, the best-seller in its category on a global scale) and provides a number of additions including a new, wider, more slender design for comfortable mixing, broader and more precise jog wheels.


Encoding is done in OGG with bitrates based on quality settings selected: 64, 96, 128, 160, 224 Kb/s; 9. Cross-fade between songs in "Shuffle" Mode, and "Mix Playlist" Mode; HomeDJ streamer will ask for synchronization at initial start or if you add or removed songs from your home computer library; 12. Multiple sorting options; 13. Quick search; 14. Dual Streaming mode: WiFi Only and Both: WiFi or Mobile Data. Registration is not required if you want to use DEMO user; If you would like to play music files located on your home computer, you would have to register to use HomeDJ music Streamer.


This article provides instructions how to move the tracks / music files contained in your TRAKTOR Track Collection to a new folder or hard drive on your computer. Following these steps, you will avoid any duplicates or missing files. Note: Make sure to not only copy them, since TRAKTOR will continue to work with the music files in the original folder if they still exist. Start TRAKTOR again. The Consistency Check Report window will show up and report all your tracks missing.

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