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A president who ignores the rules

Posted: July 13, 2013 - 11:07pm

We kicked kings, royal decrees and secret courts out of America long ago – or did we?

Now we have a president who declares which laws will be enforced and which citizens will be subject to those laws. Now, we have secret courts issuing rulings without public notice or argument. Now we have powerful federal agencies going after citizens who object.

In the imperial presidency of Barack Obama, the government takeover of health care was enacted over the objections of a majority of citizens – even before repeated and solemn promises of no new taxes on the middle class were ruled false by the Supreme Court. And it gets worse.

Now the administration has decreed that hundreds of billions of dollars in health-care subsidies will be paid out in states that embrace ObamaCare – with no questions asked about eligibility. Neither income nor existing insurance coverage will be certified before taxpayer money is paid out. It is an open invitation to commit fraud.

In a similar announcement, big businesses, like four million citizens (most in pro-Obama-Care unions) are to receive one-year “waivers” by royal decree. There is no legal authority for this decision but that is not stopping him.

Even congressional staffers and their bosses are lobbying for exemptions. Why not? The committee staffers who wrote ObamaCare exempted themselves along with congressional leadership, the White House and cabinet officers.

Gone is the very concept of the “Rule of Law” that holds that all citizens are equally subject to federal statutes enacted by representatives of the people. Gone is the concept that those who govern are subject to “consent of the governed.”

When past presidents tried to seize unconstitutional power, we relied on the judicial branch of government to assert the needed checks and balances. But this president is ignoring two federal courts who have ruled illegal his appointments to the National Labor Relations Board.

Worse, secret courts are making rulings allowing spying on law-abiding citizens with no possible connection to international terrorism. King George had secret courts that rounded up suspects and condemned them without defense or public notice. It is why our Founding Fathers wrote the 4th Amendment. And how can the governed give consent to such secret decisions? Until Mr. Snowden, they were unknown.

Frustrated with a divided government and a divided people, Barack Obama has made war on those who disagree. Rogue IRS agents hardly explain how one citizen, Catherine Englebrecht (who started a group investigating voter fraud) found herself the subject of multiple FBI visits and surprise audits from a range of federal agencies, including the IRS. It is simply not believable that this abuse was not directed by powerful figures within this administration – but the FBI has still not investigated.

Obama’s treatment of existing federal laws is equally contemptuous. He recently decreed that 800,000 illegal immigrants are no longer subject to applicable federal statutes. And, unwilling to fight for changes to the No Child Left Behind Act, he decided that the law could be ignored.

Welfare work rules? It was a monumentally successful policy reform embraced by both parties and strong majorities in both the House and Senate, representing widespread public belief that unrestricted welfare payments were actually increasing poverty and dependency. This president has decided that this law, like others, is optional, shifting the entire concept of the Rule of Law and the will of the people to his discretion. All hail the king.

This president has shown through his many actions that he believes that consent of the governed is an outmoded idea that can be ignored. Congress can be ignored. The courts can be ignored. The Constitution that he is sworn to uphold is optional.

We kicked royalty out of our country long ago but royal decrees are here again. Our great experiment in liberty is in danger of being erased from within.

(Ken Hoagland is chairman of Restore America’s Voice Foundation.)

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Great reading for these rainsoaked days or any day. I Samuel 8

What a flawed human king will do from God's wisdom. Don't be deceived. America has always had a KING and Queen. And Princes, Princesses, Dukes, Duchesses, Over lords and Sheriffs. Skilled craftsman. And most of all a lot of PEASANTS. 1776 did not alter that linage. 1865 did not alter that linage. 1963 did not alter that linage.

The powers that rule America are not Godly. MLK, Jr. was prophetic in his declaration, "when man's laws conflict with God's Laws, we will obey God's Laws"

We had better get ready for another revolution.


I like your Article you hit the nail right on the Head

Only a King can choose which Laws he likes and dislikes. Obama is no King he is the President that swore to uphold the Law as well as the Constituion of this Land. I remember the remark about the fundamental change to this country,and this is the beginning.